So the fix is in, or so the media is presenting

July 14th, 2016

facebook judgesAnyone watching the media coverage of the Traveling Apology Show from Putney going from neighborhood to neighborhood has seen the fix is in from the media.

It seems the narrative is that Police are Racist and folks of color are victims no matter what they are doing, a crime or driving a nice car.

What is interesting is that the meetings are in Churches.

Where are those Churches over the crime happening right outside their Church doors?

Why are we not verifying the veracity of those who speak out against the Police? Do they have an agenda, or are they, true victims?

The media does not care as long as they get the right sound bite.

Too bad this whole thing is not on a level playing field, but so many folks do not want that to happen.

Guy in stolen car, after chase gets a video made

March 2nd, 2016

Wow, this is something, the guy made the Police chase him, and this is a danger to we Citizens.

Yet the whole thing is about a ten second video.

We watched it and are sad this person did not even try to comply until after the blows.

But that is about it.

Ten second video, watch him comply

Stop a Cop Today!

December 18th, 2015

Thank a CopKeep in mind that all the mess you see on TV is real, and the first folks to get there are Police Officers, and the last to leave, after cleaning it up, are Police Officers.

Wish them well when you see them this Christmas season, as many work for you on that day, away from Family and Friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all those hard working and dedicated Officers out there working for us 365 days a year.

What was the number of that bus?

September 17th, 2013

tiremarksRecently just a few hours after a shooting, an Officer was charged by CMPD.

From the reports it seems the victim was, as some would call it, upset/agitated, or in need of help

Now we are sure this was all done with the utmost speed, due to the nature of what happened.  And based on the pure facts.

But, one does have to wonder if the Bus was already riding around looking for an incident like this to happen.

Maybe this is the new way of handing cases.

File charges and let the jury decide before the case get incendiary, by so many in the public who are willing to take the old hang them attitude in cases like this today.

We hope we find the number of that bus and all of this cleared up soon.  We also hope this is not the wave of justice and how cases of a certain nature are handled by CMPD and other Departments across the land.


New plans to investigate misconduct. Now why do we think this is just another bandaid?

August 20th, 2013

airThe Observer is a all over the new plans as well as many elected officials.

Ok, so they used the usual cast to create the play and now everyone is waiting to see if it will sell to the public again.

Get real folks on the board who will tell you the real stories. And we can possibly provide information from Officers themselves for you to consider.

Why not do it right this time folks?

Citizens Review Board may need a Citizen Review Board.

February 17th, 2013

whoThe Observer has finally noticed the lack of oversight by the current citizen review board.

Did an Officer do something wrong?

March 22nd, 2011

Officers must be above all and honest!

The CMPD is now open to officers doing things they should not be doing.

Reporting things like that is always scary.

If you have something you want to tell but do not want to do it yourself then we can do it for you as a intermediary. 704.919.1230

Most Officers are professionals and want those who do things that make them look bad off the street and out of the building downtown as fast as you and the rest of us do.

The story you can read that started this is here Click here for the story on Police looking for tips on Officers.

End the Pastor Program at CMPD so everyone is happy!

November 7th, 2010

Time we all realized what was happening.

Time we realized what was happening.

A recent post from a blog brought this to our attention: Cedar Post Blog click here

It seems volunteer Pastors who were reaching out to all Officers be they gay or straight were forced take on a friend of the Chief who may be gay friendly and failed to respond to any questions the group asked of her.

They decided to leave quietly and a blogger picked up this information and this became a cause for the gay community who are now calling these fine people bigots and a lot of other horrid names in a story on the Charlotte Observer. We would link to that but it is just a fest of things you would not want your children to read.

We feel the best thing would be to end this program at CMPD and no one could promote any agenda any longer at CMPD. If a need arises have the person go to the church of their choice and therefore we have the required separation of Church and State. Every one is happy.

Outside Review is due!

February 9th, 2010

Watch Dog!

The Citizens who operate this site and are watchdogs for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police feel an outside review of our Department is necessary.

We ask that our City Council ask the State Bureau of Investigation to come in and give us an assurance our best interests are being handled at the CMPD.